BizTalk Software Factory v5 for BizTalk 2013R2

If you’re not familiar with the BizTalk Software Factory, please read the documentation on

Every new release of BizTalk requires some changes in the BizTalk Software Factory (BSF) and the 2013R2 edition is no exception. Most important change is in the Visual Studio version and the BSF relies on the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) and Extensions (GAX) to be available.

Since Microsoft stopped development of the toolkit and extensions I’m happy to see the community continues it by means of the Open GAT/GAX ( project.

To be able to install the BSF ( you need to install the Visual Studio 2013 SDK and the Open GAT/GAX for Visual Studio 2013 upfront.

The functionality of the BSF hasn’t changed but it is important to know that at this moment there is no version of the BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) that supports Visual Studio 2013. Since the BSF supports the BTDF, it currently is available but doesn’t work. Installing BTDF v5.5 on Visual Studio 2013 does work, but Visual Studio will not contain any of the BTDF functionality.

If you run into issues or you like to have some additional functionality in the BSF please let me know.

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