[BizTalk] Binding Gotcha

By jpsmit
September 7, 2013

Last week I ran into something I’d like to share with you, and at the same time is a note to self.

Like in any BizTalk project I have to add a port to one of the projects every now and then, and most of the time the settings are 90% the same so I copy the binding section from one of the current bindings and paste them where I need it.

So I did last week. It was a project where I needed to add a send port, and there wasn’t any yet.

So as anyone knows, the send port section starts with:



So I opened the bindingmaster of another project, and copied one of the send port sections. Then I pasted in the other project. When I deployed the other project, I got no errors but also the send ports weren’t imported in the application. No errors, no warnings, it just seemed like the send port part was skipped. The receive ports were imported correctly.

What could this be?

At first I thought there was an error in the BizTalk deployment framework variables, but after stripping that part completely it couldn’t be the cause anymore.

In the end it turned out I copied together with the ‘SendPort’ section, also the “<SendPortCollection></SendPortCollection>” also by accident, resulting in:






I appears that this isn’t noted by the import task, it just skips the entire ‘sendportcollection’ section and moves on.

It would have been nice if some kind of parsing error was returned.

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