Beta release BizTalk Sofware Factory for BizTalk Server 2013

After some struggle I proudly present the BizTalk Software Factory for BizTalk Server 2013.

Struggle because I found out the Guidance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit are no longer maintained by Microsoft. They turned it over to the community and is now known as Open GAX/GAT. With this change also changes in the way it works became clear. The BSF uses for example the GAX Extension Library, also a community project, but it never was compiled against the Open GAX/GAT. It took some time to update the code to make it work.

The BizTalk Software Factory is now at its 4th version and the functionality basically is similar to the previous versions. Support for BizUnit however has been discontinued for testing schemas and maps, because the project seems no longer maintained. Some new out-of-the-box test functionality has been added to test maps which is much better, if Microsoft fixes this bug. For orchestration unit tests however, still BizUnit sample code is there which you can take advantage of.

To use BSF v4, you need to install the following prerequisites:

The Open GAX/GAT depends on the Visual Studio 2012 SDK, so you have to install it.

Install GAX and GAT from, in this order:

  • GAX2010-VS2012.vsix
  • GAT2010-VS2012.vsix

If you like the BizTalk Deployment Framework, it is supported in this version as well. Make sure you install v5.1 beta for BizTalk server 2013.

So from now on you can also build structured BizTalk 2013 solution with the guidance of BSF. If you experience issues or you run into a bug, please post it on the Codeplex site.


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