Don’t use the BizTalk 2010 Assembly Checker (BTSAssemblyChecker.exe)!

I’m working on some system engineering documentation for my current customer and of course I’m using the BizTalk Server 2010 Operations Guide as a reference for this. One of the tools is the BTSAssemblyChecker tool which is mentioned here "Checklist: Performing Monthly Maintenance Checks".

One of the steps in the checklist is this one:

“Ensure that the correct version of a set of assemblies is installed on each BizTalk machine (integrity check).”

“Use the BizTalk Assembly Checker and Remote GAC tool (BTSAssemblyChecker.exe) to check the versions of assemblies deployed to the BizTalk Management database and to verify that they are correctly registered in the GAC on all BizTalk Server computers. You can use this tool to verify that all the assemblies containing the artifacts of a certain BizTalk application are installed on all BizTalk nodes. The tool is particularly useful in conjunction with a solid versioning strategy to verify that the correct version of a set of assemblies is installed on each BizTalk machine, especially when side-by-side deployment approach is used. The tool is available with the BizTalk Server 2010 installation media at SupportToolsx86BTSAssemblyChecker.exe.”

If you use the tool, it looks in the wrong GAC (like mentioned in this MSDN forum thread) and therefore is kind of useless, since the job of this tool is to verify the assemblies deployed in the management database are also in the GAC. Besides that, the readme documentation still mentions BizTalk 2006 in several places!

What would be the reason for Microsoft to ship this tool which doesn’t work and with out-dated documentation?

The risk of having assemblies in the management database but not in the GAC still exists, but I’m not aware of an alternative tool to check this.



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