BizTalk Software Factory for BizTalk 2010 Released

By jpsmit
June 22, 2011

It took a while but now I can proudly announce the release of v3.0 of the BizTalk Software Factory!

This version supports:

Opposed to the BSF versions for BizTalk 2006 and BizTalk 2009, this release no longer supports the creations of custom pipeline components. It would have meant quite some work and wouldn’t add much value. To create a custom pipeline component, I would recommend using the Pipeline Component Wizard on Codeplex.

Things are quite different in Visual Studio 2010 regarding the creation of guidance packages, but installation is much simpler now. You can just use the extension manager to add the prerequisites and the actual BSF package.

If you’re looking for guidance on installation and usage, I would advise you to use the documentation that accompanies this release.

The bits are on Codeplex.

Please let me know what you think of it!

Didago IT Consultancy

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