BizTalk Software Factory For BizTalk Server 2010 Beta

Every new version of BizTalk Server deserves its version of the BizTalk Software Factory (BSF). Due to time constraints I was unable to deliver a 2010 version of the BSF last year, but after a couple of weeks work I managed to finish the beta.

Some things have been changed between the BSF 2009 and BSF 2010. First of all nUnit is no longer part of it. It has been replaced by MS Test that is part of Visual Studio. If you want to use nUnit, you can easily change the unit test project to utilize it. Also the installation is different. Microsoft simplified the way (guidance) packages are deployed, so now there is no need to run a MSI anymore. Instead you run the VSIX file and it will show up in the Extension Manager.

The prerequisites for the BSF 2010 are:

Like with any new version of Visual Studio, Microsoft released new versions of the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) and Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) and these are necessary to run the BSF.

The great thing is that now you can install them via the Visual Studio Extension Manager and you don’t have to download and install them yourself anymore.

First find the Extension Manager in the menu bar of Visual Studio:

Install in this order the SDK, GAX and GAT from the online gallery:

Next install the BSF 2010. Get the VSIX from the BSF Codeplex site. If you double click the VSIX file, the following dialog is displayed:

Just press ‘Install’ and watch the package getting installed. This process is substantially faster than it was with previous versions of GAT/GAX, and that especially handy during development of the package 🙂

Now the BSF 2010 has been installed, it shows also up in the Extension Manager where you can remove it again if requested.

Please note that this is a beta version of the BSF 2010. Please give it a try and supply me with feedback so I can create a release version.

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