Day 1 SharePoint 2010 Connections Amsterdam

By jpsmit
January 18, 2010

Today started the 2-day SharePoint Connections 2010. It was my first meeting with SharePoint 2010 since I left SharePoint back in 2005. I must say it is an exiting platform which can be used to build great solutions.

The key note was presented by Mike Fitzmaurice of Nintex. As a former Microsoft SharePoint evangelist he took us on a journey through the history of SharePoint. It was fun to watch.

My next session was by Steve Fox, he brought an overview of the developer platform. Steve is a good speaker with a great sense of humor. On the way of course the SharePoint designer and Visual Studio came by. It was useful overview.

Then I went to a session I would normally not attend. The SharePoint BI overview by Mike Fitzmaurice. I’m on a project now with a strong focus on BI so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see what Microsoft did to for example Performance Point Server. Like Steven Forte predicted, BI in SharePoint 2010 will be for the masses. Performance Point Server is integrated and is now a service like the Excel and Visio services. It is much easier to build a custom dashboard in SharePoint 2010.

Next I visited the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) for the masses by Erica Toelle. It was a new experience for Erica. As she told at the end she wasn’t used to speak for such a crowed but she tried to make the best of it. She was unsure about her live demos Her demo environment stopped working so she had recorded ones, which wasn’t the best choice. However I learned quite a few things from this session I normally would skip when researching SharePoint, like document sets where you can create a set of documents with one click and those documents can also be parameterized. How about records management for auditing purposes and auto-archiving.

My final session of today was presented by one of my favorite speakers, Jan Tielens. Jan can make complex things easy, knows his stuff and is entertaining. He showed how easy it is to use client technology to access SharePoint 2010 using a console application, JavaScript or Silverlight. It is great to see that SharePoint now comes with a client side API which makes it possible to use the object model on a client the same way it can be used on the server. That makes it possible to easily use SharePoint data in for example a Silverlight client.

Like at any conference it is difficult to decide what session to attend and I hope the other session will be available soon.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

It wasn’t really a surprise but I ran into quite some familiar faces from fellow freelancers, customers and former colleagues from Macaw. It was great to talk to any of them.

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