Hotfix for Biztalk Server 2009 development Environment

For all you guys developing BizTalk 2009 solutions a hotfix was brought to my attention by Thiago Almeida’s blog.

From the Microsoft support site:

“FIX: You experience various problems when you develop a BizTalk project that references another BizTalk project in Visual Studio on a computer that is running BizTalk Server 2009”

On a computer that is running Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009, you use Microsoft Visual Studio to develop a BizTalk application. In your BizTalk project, you add a reference to another BizTalk project. In this scenario, you may see the following behavior:

  • The orchestrations in the referenced BizTalk project may show compiler warnings.
  • The changes that are made to the referenced BizTalk project are not propagated on to the referencing project.
  • When you edit the orchestrations of the referenced project, XLANG errors are thrown. These errors may disappear after the orchestrations are saved and recompiled.
  • After you deploy the referencing project, the local copies of the referenced project’s binaries are deleted.
  • After you deploy the referencing project, various errors or warnings occur in Orchestration Designer.

Information about the hotfix can be found here.

Day 3 SharePoint 2010 Connections Amsterdam

Today when I walked in the conference center in Amsterdam it was almost as if I was at the wrong place. It was completely empty. The post conference day with a IT pro and a developer track was filled with only about 100 people.

Of course I attended the developer deep dive by Wouter van Vugt. Yesterday I attended his session about workflow and was overpowered by his speed of speech. Today he presented in a for me more relaxed way.

The things he covered were ‘what is a developer box’, ‘how to upgrade from 2007 to 2010’ and UI customization. Although there were a lot of attendees interested in BCS it was unfortunately not covered. In my view there was not a real agenda about what to cover and what time to spend to it and suddenly it was 4 pm. It was very interesting to see what can be customized in the UI, but as an integration focused developer I would have liked to see more of development behind the scenes like workflow and BCS.

The overall feelings of the SharePoint 2010 connections in Amsterdam are mixed. It was good to see so many familiar faces and talk to so many people, on the other hand the sessions were not that good and if you’re interested in SharePoint and follow a bit what is blogged about it you soon know more than is shown in the sessions. The catering was also limited, especially this third day. Not even a snack during the coffee breaks……

So what’s next?

Time to spin up my server and get started with some BCS myself 🙂

Day 2 SharePoint 2010 Connections Amsterdam

Today was the second day of the 2-day conference. Today I had planned to see more of the back side of SharePoint 2010. After all I am an integration guy.

So I went to see a session about the Business Connectivity Services by Steve Fox. It was a good session which provided a good overview. In SharePoint 2007 it was only possible to read external data and view it in a list, but in SharePoint 2010 the full CRUD operations are supported. It is my expectation that this feature will be used extensively to perform operations on LOB systems. Also with my background in integration I see a lot of possibilities.

Next I attended Integrating workflows into backend systems using Data External Services, presented by Wouter van Vugt. This guy tries to talk twice the speed of sound and you really have to pay attention otherwise you’re lost, or at least that was my experience. I’m not all that into WF data external services and Wouter jumped from one topic to the other. The thing I missed was context and overview. For the more experienced attendees it was probably a meaningful session.

After the lunch I planned my last session. It was about Claims based identity in SharePoint 2010 by Spencer Harbar. This was also a somewhat disappointing session. He probably knows a whole lot about the topic, but he has difficulties presenting it. He talks monotonic, didn’t show any demo and was finished 25 minutes early. The things he discussed where general claims bases topics like the STS. He could have shown more SharePoint specific, in my opinion.

After the last session I rushed to the BTUG meeting, the Dutch BizTalk User Group meeting. The sessions there were very good, as always. It was great to see so many familiar faces and it was terrible I had to leave early, just in the middle of the session I actually came for. Too bad.

Tomorrow is my 3rd day, the developers deep dive. Let’s see what that will bring.

Day 1 SharePoint 2010 Connections Amsterdam

Today started the 2-day SharePoint Connections 2010. It was my first meeting with SharePoint 2010 since I left SharePoint back in 2005. I must say it is an exiting platform which can be used to build great solutions.

The key note was presented by Mike Fitzmaurice of Nintex. As a former Microsoft SharePoint evangelist he took us on a journey through the history of SharePoint. It was fun to watch.

My next session was by Steve Fox, he brought an overview of the developer platform. Steve is a good speaker with a great sense of humor. On the way of course the SharePoint designer and Visual Studio came by. It was useful overview.

Then I went to a session I would normally not attend. The SharePoint BI overview by Mike Fitzmaurice. I’m on a project now with a strong focus on BI so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see what Microsoft did to for example Performance Point Server. Like Steven Forte predicted, BI in SharePoint 2010 will be for the masses. Performance Point Server is integrated and is now a service like the Excel and Visio services. It is much easier to build a custom dashboard in SharePoint 2010.

Next I visited the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) for the masses by Erica Toelle. It was a new experience for Erica. As she told at the end she wasn’t used to speak for such a crowed but she tried to make the best of it. She was unsure about her live demos Her demo environment stopped working so she had recorded ones, which wasn’t the best choice. However I learned quite a few things from this session I normally would skip when researching SharePoint, like document sets where you can create a set of documents with one click and those documents can also be parameterized. How about records management for auditing purposes and auto-archiving.

My final session of today was presented by one of my favorite speakers, Jan Tielens. Jan can make complex things easy, knows his stuff and is entertaining. He showed how easy it is to use client technology to access SharePoint 2010 using a console application, JavaScript or Silverlight. It is great to see that SharePoint now comes with a client side API which makes it possible to use the object model on a client the same way it can be used on the server. That makes it possible to easily use SharePoint data in for example a Silverlight client.

Like at any conference it is difficult to decide what session to attend and I hope the other session will be available soon.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

It wasn’t really a surprise but I ran into quite some familiar faces from fellow freelancers, customers and former colleagues from Macaw. It was great to talk to any of them.

Easy Install Sharepoint 2010 Beta2 on Windows 2008 R2

2010 is an important year for Microsoft with some major releases. One of them is SharePoint 2010.

Back in 2003 I played quite a lot with what was then called SharePoint Portal Server 2003, but due to my focus on BizTalk Server I did almost nothing with MOSS 2007.

Now with SharePoint 2010 coming I want to get on that train again to also be able to work with that part of the Microsoft stack.

Since SharePoint 2010 is in a beta stage, not everything installs as smooth as will be with the final release. Luckily I found a great 1-page install guide which is probably the easiest guide available to install SharePoint 2010 beta2 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box. It also uses the SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP so you’re in the front seat again.

I’ll also attend the Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 on 18/19 January in the Amsterdam RAI Forum Centre. Exciting stuff!

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