“Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements” message drives me nuts!

At the moment I’m setting up a new BizTalk Server 2009 VPC with the BizTalk Deployment Framework 5, BizUnit 3.1 and the ESB Toolkit 2.0.

With the BDF and the for the ESB toolkit necessary Enterprise Library 4.1, I received the message as stated in the subject:

“Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements”

I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering from this……you can wait till the next day but the installer does not finish determining! I ran to Bing and tried to find the solution, several were proposed:

All suggested options didn’t work for me, but fortunately I found a solution here.

The solution is to force the installer to install the package silently using:

msiexec.exe -package <MyPackage.msi> –qr

Since the installer message doesn’t show up all the time and in all circumstances I’m not sure what causing it.

Service Virtualization with the Managed Services Engine

Recently I came across an article about the Managed Services Engine (MSE). Service virtualization is a very important and interesting topic regarding a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). For a SOA you need to have a strategy for topics like service versioning, protocol-mapping, monitoring, routing, policy enforcement and so on. The MSE covers those topics.

The article is a well written introduction by Aaron Skonnard from PluralSight. It talks about service virtualization in general and specifically with the MSE. It also contains a walkthrough if the MSE from installation till the test facilities that come with it.

The MSE is on CodePlex and that is both its strength and weakness. Because it is publically available the source code is available and that is nice, however for companies that is also a problem. The MSE is not supported by Microsoft because it isn’t a real Microsoft product. This means that if a bug is found, it is not clear if and when it is fixed. It is my experience that companies aren’t happy about fixing those issues themselves, so I think the MSE is not utilized as much as it could be…

You can download the article here.

New website for Didago IT Consultancy

When I started my own consultancy company 18 months ago, I built a website using the personal website template Microsoft provided. At that time it was ok, but not more than that.

I’m focused on application integration, service orientation and business processes and my website showed clearly that I’m not a designer.

Since the release of the ASP.NET MVC framework I saw new opportunities to restyle the companies website with another template. It took me about 2 days to build the website and it is live now.

There are still things to improve such as AJAX support, but for now it looks much better than the old one!

If you have time take a look at it: http://www.didago.nl

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