Setting the icon in a guidance recipe

By jpsmit

Yesterday I co-presented at the Dutch BizTalk User Group. It was a talk about the BizTalk Software Factory and I did the demo. Afterwards I got the question on how to set the icon on a guidance recipe, like in the picture below.


I had to look it up in the code but I found it. By blogging it now it is also a note to self.

In the recipe you specify the arguments, actions and also the icon for the recipe. Below is a piece from the recipe for adding a map unit test from the BizTalk Software Factory. The HostData section specifies the icon and where the recipe should show up.


Next issue is what icon to take and what does the 133 mean? There is not much documentation about that on, for example, how to add your own icon. So I decided to use an existing one. Which one to take? To find out the ID of the icons, I used this tool: FaceID browser

It is a tool to get the ID’s of the Office icons and since Excel is installed on basically every BizTalk installation it does work well.

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