Dev Days 2009

Last Thursday and Friday I attended the Dutch Dev Days in The Hague. It is a two day conference of which some say it is a small TechEd. Conferences like this are always good for meeting old friends and colleagues and gaining some knowledge about technology that I don’t work with on a daily basis.

Besides good sessions about Windows Azure, BizTalk and WCF/WF, there were two sessions that blew me away.

One was by Ingo Rammer of Thinktecture. He talked about Tasks and Threading in .NET 4.0 and how easy it was to actually utilize your multiple core machines instead of just utilizing one core. He clearly explained and demoed the power of the new tasks based API in .NET 4.0. With changing some simple statements he turned a regular multi threaded.NET program into one using all available cores.

For example using “Parallel.For” instead of “for” or “Parallel.ForEach” instead of a “for each” statement. It also has support for LINQ (PLINQ) where just adding the extension method “AsParallel” will do.

Here you can find information about it from the development team and here about PLINQ.

The second very interesting session was by Jan Tielens of U2U. He had a session about how to pimp up your Sharepoint site. He showed some techniques to enrich the user experience using ASP.NET Ajax, Silverlight and jQuery. I don’t work that much with Sharepoint so I’m easily impressed but it was very nice what he showed. And like all things that are hard, he made it look very easy to implement. Jan also talked about the Smart tools for Sharepoint which contain some nice tools to pimp up your Sharepoint site.

Like with all cool new things, if I find some spare time (which I know I don’t have with stuff like Dublin, BizTalk 2009, ESB Toolkit 2.0, WCF 4.0, WF 4.0 and……) I’ll try out these things myself.

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