Issues when migrating from BizTalk 2006 to BizTalk 2009

For a proof of concept I wrote a rather small BizTalk application. Because the proof of concept was started earlier this year, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 was used.

Now the proof of concept is successfully finished it was decided to start with BizTalk Server 2009. The first thing we had to do was make the proof of concept run on the 2009 server. While I thought that should be easy, some unexpected issues came up.

There were 2 issues we face that appear hard to reproduce.

First we had a custom pipeline with the flat file disassembler. When we opened the custom pipeline and clicked the flat file pipeline component the properties weren’t shown, no matter how hard we tried. We found out that the component version is still but the file version is different. However when I tried to reproduce this, I was one time successful but no more than that.

Second the mappings. We have very simple mappings, but when we tried to recompile the message “Unexpected Character ”” showed up and we couldn’t figure out what caused this. The ‘solution’ in this case was recreate the simple mapping but when I tried tonight I was again successful only once….

If I can reproduce the problem I’ll post again. Anyone experienced something like this on a migration?

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