BizTalk Tool: MsgBoxViewer

By jpsmit
May 6, 2008

On a blogpost by Yossi Dahan I read about a BizTalk tool I didn’t know about: MsgBoxViewer


Via Google I couldn’t find much about it so I decided to unpack it and try it. This was a very easy process because it doesn’t require any installation, just unpack and run the GUI.

It appears to be a tool able to gather information about the status of your BizTalk environment, also with ‘Best Practices Analyzer’-like features.

The name of the tool suspects that only the MessageBox is checked, and it does show the condition of your database, but the tool can do much much more.

The tool is written by Jean-Pierre Auconie, a Tech Lead in the European MS BizTalk Support team. He started developing this tool to ease the process of getting information from customers while trying to solve their problems.


Take a look at it yourself, it can be downloaded here.

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