[WCF] Great tools in SDK

By jpsmit
January 24, 2007

While browsing the WCF SDK I found two great tools:

  • Microsoft Service Configuration Editor

  • Microsoft Service Trace Viewer

The configuration editor helps you with the confguration files that you need with WCF. It simplyfies editing those files significantly. By using a tool you also avoid typing errors and it is very easy for example to switch diagnostic information on or off.

With the tracing switched on, you can use the trace viewer to browse the actual log files produced. This tool shows all messages flowing and additional information about the messages like what the body of the message was and the duration of the message. With this tool it is easier to find out what is going wrong if you run into an error or unexpected behavoir.

Both tools can be found in the following SDK folder C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv6.0Bin or you can download it here.

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