Clearing a listview

Sometimes you run into a problem you just can’t seem to find a solution for because the problem doesn’t make sense.

Today I had such a problem. At home I’m working on a RSS reader home project. I have a listview to show all posts of a certain feed. Just before I fill the feed I clear the contents of the view. The listview is in details-view.

I used “listview.clear” to remove all items from the listview. But runtime I noticed that the listview remained empty while the items where added correctly. I didn’t know it was that statement causing the problem, so where to start looking?

In these cases Google is my best friend and at the end I found the solution in a newsgroup.

The statement “listview.clear” also removes the column headers, that is why the listview apeared to remain empty. I had to clear the “items” collection of the listview in order to fix it, so I changed the code into “listview.items.clear” and everything worked fine again.

Visual Studio ‘Orcas’ Sept CTP download getting confused

I’ve seen other reports of IE getting confused on the download of the VS ‘Orcas’ September CTP. I had a simular experience with it. It first counts up to 100% within a minute and then counts down to about -1000% (??).

This is the first time I see such behaviour, but since other people also experience it must be something with the download. Probably the size?

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