Quick launch bar in portal area missing

By jpsmit
May 31, 2005

Sometimes you think “asjemenou” when you run into a very obvious bug. I had such an experience with Sharepoint today.

When you create for example a document library in a portal area there is a section in which you can select the document library to “display on the quick launch bar”. However when you select this, it doesn’t show up there! While searching newgroups I found out that this behaviour is due to the fact that this isn’t specified in the portal area templates. It is in the WSS (STS) template though.

As a fix some people suggested to use Frontpage to put it in the portal area. I like it more to fix this in the templates (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/spptsdk/html/tsptCustomNavBar_SV01016232.asp). I tried this and it seems to work.

Keith Richie from Microsoft wrote some time ago in the portalserver newsgroup:

Allthough Portal 2003 Areas are based on WSS Webs, the concept of the quick launch bar is not necassarily the same.
The “Portal Navigation” bar is highly controlled by Portal, and selecting for a doc lib to show up on “Quick Launch” will not work for the Portal Navigation bar without edits to the page.
I recommend using a “Portal Listing” if you can.

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